I love the powers of healing and transformation. You have the ability within, to heal yourself. There are a million different ways to go about this.

 I have the naturopathic medicine foundation of honoring your vital force and using medicines that encourage the body’s ability to heal. Homeopathic medicines, herbal formulas, specific homeopathic drainage formulas, specific nutrients, glandular formulas are my typical prescriptions.

So, along with the medicines we know work for bronchitis or pneumonia, otitis or pharyngitis, I like to address the organ or disease with a holistic orientation that represents the emotional origin of disease. This is ancient knowledge documented in the texts for chinese medicine as well as the Hindu siddhi insights. They are very powerful and I think most people relate to this upon hearing the correlations. Those who don’t will stick with the physical medicines and progress as they desire.

 I have explored the treatments for cancer for example for over twenty years, seeing what was out there, what worked. Cancer is a very special disease in the sense that there is a powerful, ominous, correlation to just the word, that strikes fear in the patient. I am interested in diminishing that fear and moving the patient forward to healing. It is being done by many practitioners around the world yet this does not make news.

 I had an “aha” moment in an Environmental Medicine class as to how cancers, autoimmune diseases, and other health issues are end points in a process of challenge by chemicals and toxic metals that are pervasive on our planet now. In addition to the challenge of viruses and bacteria the immune system cannot maintain health for you. You will need proper intervention.

This is one of the main problems with the current medical system, it does not take into account these toxic challenges. It is a new era, and medicine needs to adapt.

Along with exploring the treatments, the nutrients the herbs, my true love is healing. How can a disease shift due to a person’s own engagement with their healing force? Sometimes the force is so weakened we will need to strengthen it with nutrition, homeopathics, diet advice and other powerful help, IV’s for example. It takes time, as healing takes time. The pill-cure that has been ingrained in modern society is a shallow dream. Helpful in emergencies, but failing at or even causing chronic disease.

I know the medical shivers at the sound of “energy medicine” but here it is, we are all an energy unit that is permeated by our outer world and vice versa. The body’s health can be affected by treatments that effect its’ energy. Examples are: acupuncture, massage and the myriad other hands on therapies, light, sound, homeopathic medicine, magnets, electrical devices- TENS units, eg.

The body is not a system of pipes and pumps but an amazing, complex and delicate system.  By using medicines that help heal an organ function, guidance on what foods are best for the individual at this time, suggestions on exploring the beliefs and thoughts that keep one stuck, you can free yourself from dis-ease.

This is my track in medicine, applying the proven remedies and approaches of the myriad of doctors, researchers and practitioners. To your health,

Dr. Sarah Lane