Why Are Americans So Sick?


March 2019.  Every day I hear or read something that I want to respond to along the lines of healthcare. Whether it’s a friend or a stranger, I am irked that their operating information is limited.

The answer in a nutshell:

  1. Improper diagnosis and work-up.

  2.  Overload of toxic chemicals, heavy metals, viruses and bacteria. Drug medications.

  3. Dietary contributions: GMO, additives, hormones, poor quality food, sugar, lack of nutrition.

  4. Emotional imbalance -stress, pain, unresolved conflicts, trauma, lack of a sane society.

As I see it, the medical education, treatment and medical diagnoses need a major overhaul. This is not news to so many of you. The reason is not only the usual  which is drug medication simply addresses a symptom and that Big Pharma dictates health care. 


In my work, I take a global perspective of your health situation, what is going on currently, what has been tested for, what treatments have skewed your immune system, and what is your health, dental, emotional history.


Today humans are burdened, absolutely challenged by the prevalence of multiple chemicals, absorption of chemicals whether from house, yard applications, hobbies (cars for eg) job, or an upwind factory, there are pesticides and hormones in our food, air and water. A frightening thought to me is the waste, the metabolites of millions of drugs, chemo, opioids, anti-depressants, you name it, in our water.


There is testing for toxic chemicals, no MD unless trained in Integrative Medicine will likely test. There are tests for viral load, often forgotten, rarely thought of unless acute. The unknown frontier of dental foci- or an asymptomatic bone or tooth root infection is also something I will screen for in assessing total body burden.  There are tests also to show heavy metal load. I once tested a patient who was very ill and her mercury levels were sky high- from eating Lake Kookanooska fish for decades!


I encourage you to keep looking and to listen to your intuition if you have an ailment that is not improving.  Medications are occasionally helpful but generally not as we (naturopathic physicians) have effective medicines and techniques that enhance your immune system.  It is my assessment also that often maybe always, there is an emotional component at the start or still enduring. It is surprising how quickly we can clear those impacts with a homeopathic remedy or getting someone to an effective therapist. Mental illness is way overdiagnosed and supremely overmedicated but that is a whole new blog.


Never Give Up.