TO: THE FOOD GUYS                                                            July 24, 2017


FROM: Dr. Sarah Lane, ND



In Response to your broadcast yesterday July 23, 2017 on Gluten-Free diets.


Good morning.  I caught your show yesterday and thought I better add some information to the huge issue you brought up on your cooking show.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you have been asked to do some gluten-free recipes for those who don’t eat gluten but would love to indulge in your crepes, pies, cobblers and other recipes requiring flour.


You brought in two very good references but you are trying to lasso a topic that cannot be brought down to a black and white diagnoses. The western medical system is excellent at diagnosing, so you have celiac’s or you don’t, but it is a gray area in which food sensitivities abide and gray does not mean vague.

In that gray area are the many factors that effect human physiology, human health.  The testing for gluten-sensitivity is avoidance and observation of symptoms improving.  Why this irks so many people in the western medical world is that they then think it is all ‘in your mind”. 

I can tell for example that you two are not bothered by gluten, and therefore cannot understand the people who go to great lengths to avoid gluten, and might even think it is a fad, like “candida” was in the 80’s (it wasn’t a fad).


Consider these other factors. You gentlemen, are in your 70’s I think, pardon me if you are younger. In the intermittent years since your birth the changes in : childbirth, medications, vaccinations, stress, chemical agriculture- hybridizing, mono-culture, herbicides; dietary changes- high fructose, high sugar, high carbs; have all effected the human physiology, human health – for the worse.


Childbirth is now often more stressful but more importantly the mother has usually by then had doses of antibiotics changing her gut flora available for her infant, she might even get antibiotics at the delivery, babies are given a couple dozen vaccinations forever altering their immunity, food introductions to infants are likely to be done too early and contain sugar, wheat, dairy at a time when their immune system has been triggered by vaccinations and before their gut G.I. is matured.


Hybridized wheat has changed the size of the gluten molecule. Cooks noticed the change in flour in the 60’s, This is theorized to be the culprit but I think it is multi-factorial. In addition now we have round-up ready crops introducing the carcinogenic round-up into our gastrointestinal system, altering the gut environment. In addition we are exposed to innumerable other chemicals in our lives, tons more than fifty years ago- when Rachel Carson noted the changes!

Mulitiple rounds of anti-biotics throughout the lives of the mothers, of children, alters the gut environment, making the immune system more reactive.

At that point, the carbohydrate compounds can effect the brain, the gut. Arthritis and many other autoimmune processes can be triggered.


In a nutshell: the changes in our environment, food, and bodies have changed over the last several decades. Western medicine does not follow and address these changes as they were never trained in a holistic paradigm and a drug will not fix what needs fixin’.

In my twenty-eight years of naturopathic medicine, most of it here in Montana, I see the changes in health as our environment changes. Yes, without a doubt, it is important that many people remove wheat, rye, barley and kamut from their diets while rehabilitating the gut. The return to small local farming and the seed keepers will help restore food in its natural state. Meanwhile, people are really sick and they don’t know why.


You have brought into your show a medical issue. It is real and even more involved than what I wrote about above. Bottom line, never fool with mother nature.