Forget Your Training, Remember the Goodness Within

During yoga this morning I had a realization of the depth of an ingrained message that is typical in our world. The message comes from many different people and establishments. I realized how pervasive the tone of it is and how really it should be foreign to us humans. Life would be a lot more harmonious and beautiful were it the case.

The message is "we are bad" or "not good enough". A quick reference to the major league player setting the tone in the western world via the Puritans who settled America: "We are sinners". This message is in us whether or not we went to church or believe in god. I am not out to discuss religion in depth nor have an intellectual discussion about the bible interpretations although it would be interesting, just look at the size and power of the Catholic/Christian churches whose leaders (mostly, not all, and things are changing) reminded us of being not worthy.

Teachers and parents can unknowingly be acting upon this belief as they scold, punish, negate, ignore, or in an outright manner insult a child, the message is "you are bad". Then kids do it because they learned and carry this deep wound, then the media comes in to make us feel better by saying if we just consume ( have a coke, buy Calvin Klein blue jeans, eat, watch senseless entertainment) we will feel better and we deserve that, it's the American way afterall. But those are temporary relief and the real itch is not scratched.

From a health perspective, my interest as a naturopathic doctor has always been to heal the inner wounds because ultimately illnesses do occur with a psychic wound, a wound energetically that we carry, and can't quite face at times.  Again, there are arguable points to this, when is a flu just a flu for example. Poison ivy is pretty much not a psychic disease......I don't think, who knows?!

Healing requires our body/mind/spirit to be the pure energetic system that it is. Once upon a time we were born clean of toxins, once upon a time, life and the world and the parents that created and raised you were not stressed and out of balance. You need to keep the idea of facing your wounds and dispelling them, along with your physical medicine. Wounding is not something you want to identify with and carry with you but more, name it, eradicate it, replace with your essential aspects of who you truly are. Creative, happy, loving, receptive, healthy!

Lifting out the "we are not good enough" and "we are bad people" will do a great deal to help the situation on the planet. The players on the stage right now who act our hate and establish an "us and them" mentality, are behaving from their own deep down dislike of themselves. Projecting self-dislike and self-hatred on others has created so much death and violence. Start with ourselves and then help another, and another.
Be with healthy thoughts, feed yourself real food, and thanks to all the loving people who spread love, acceptance, and patience with others.