FORGIVENESS as a way to heal self and others

A few months ago a friend gave me these three forgiveness phrases. Many people with an issue hear the word "forgiveness" and think "yeah, yeah, easy to say but can't go there yet", not on this one.  Forgiveness is not a trite ideal, it is an energy that transforms you and other, setting in motion the healing forces. Try it.

Here is the one prayer or intention: 
I forgive you for not being all I want you to be.

I forgive me for not being all I want me to be.

I forgive me for not being all you want me to be.

Another incredibly powerful tool is the Ho'oponopono from the pacific islands. This has also come back on my radar and I found this story about a doctor who changed the patients in a criminally insane ward by doing the prayer on himself.

It is time, the earth and inhabitants are perpetuating hatred and harm. The collective psyche is feeling it, acting it out. I think of Donald Trump and all the "sane" people who hate Trump, yet hating Trump is the same negative war-like energy that we need to dispel. I think of Serbs, Jews, Palistinians, Muslims, Catholics, Episcopals, Blacks, Whites, all the senseless killing over inherited ideas. STOP. 

Take a look at the Ho'opononon and see what you feel like after you do it. This is the healing force our earth needs. Start with yourself. I am working on a book about a priest who took the disabled into his home. The love he gave by caring day after day transformed these men from discarded, disabled, abandoned souls to high functioning men. The wounded and deformed people we discard as a society are parts of our own psyche we try and not look at. 

It is time for humanity to own up to love. Try the Ho'oponono on a situation you have and see if a change occurs. If you have an illness turn all the forgiveness on your self as well, then any key persons that come to mind. Like a parent, LOL.

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Remember the song: "Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me".