Repealing "Obamacare"? Change the structure first.

The Republicans want to rescind Obamacare now that they have a majority in Congress. The cost of health care is due in large part to the cost of medications. Medications that with a real approach to health, would not be needed. 


I don’t know why they call it Obamacare, that’s a misnomer.  It’s TRIADCARE. I can barely write the word “care”.  The so-called insurance reform that passed under Obama’s administration was more of the same, make no mistake, the Health Insurance companies, the Pharmaceutical companies and the AMA dictated, lobbied, and controlled ANY changes that were made.


Indeed, the promises for reduced insurance costs were a fallacy, prices to the subscriber are going up. Medicare is in jeopardy again and health “Care” has not improved one iota.


Like our two party political system under the influence of millions of dollars of lobbying money and donations, the medical system has created its own empire, each entity relying on the other. The doctors are needed to sell the drugs, the pharmaceutical companies need the insurance company to pay the astronomical drug prices, and now there is a law forcing Americans to carry health insurance or be fined by the IRS.


That’s the structure. Inside this goliath there are shiny new diagnostic machines and efficient doctor specialists and the newest best “medicine”.  This is not health care. This is production and maintenance.  Costs are out of hand and no reform in policies, shifting papers from one desk to another, renaming or reviewing health care costs are going to make a change.

Like our current society, the changes came along insidiously, the acceptance of so much that is wrong: Pharmaceutical companies running drug commercials with a long list of horrible side-effects and yet they ask you to ask your doctor for this medicine; guns- death of thousands of children, mothers, fathers in America, in schools, on the streets- when and how did this become ok? Obesity – a disease? Depression and wow there must be zillion Prozac prescriptions going out now after the election, EUREKA. How can we not have a bad or sad mood given the many sad happenings in the world? Is medication the answer?


To change the costs of health care a reasonable society or government would look at a cap on pharmaceutical costs. That leads to the necessity of stopping all lobbying involving money. Perhaps a review of leading officers in the FDA, EPA, etc should be cleared of former corporate CEOs or other investors.  Back to medicine, the tiny trend in functional medicine needs to become mainstream medicine.  Doctors who address the underlying cause of disease, and use and give information to help heal and restore normal function of the body, will actually result in healing rather than a new prescription.

  Naturopathic doctors have been doing “functional medicine” and more for decades. Functional medicine is an acceptable term and many MD’s are now studying and changing their approach. The medical structure needs to change to allow more time during an office visit. 


It’s a huge change that needs to take place in medical school, hospital, policy of insurance coverage. But if not now, while the government is apparently fissured and cracking, put a foot in the door and demand real health care, not more of the same.  Start with yourself, your health is in your hands, not the doctors.