Days of Shock and Fear -Post Election Remedials

I have talked to many people who are having such strong physical reactions to the election results. Still, one week later. So, now is an important time to learn how to move the stuck energies out of your body/mind. Intention along with movement will help. It might be a great time to look for a teacher or guide, someone who holds the higher energy. It could be yoga or exercise coupled with inspirational readings. In order to create the change we want, we need to be healthy and able to hold inner peace or at least love. There is plenty to be angry about and I am all for interfering with ANY hatred and corporate greed, and medical madness.

Some remedies you might consider on a daily basis right now are of course the Bach Flower Remedy "Rescue Remedy" . Put drops in your bottle of water. Look into the other Flower Remedies for specific flowers for a more specific thought pattern or physical symptom. Consider a dose of Aconite 30c (homeopathic remedy) if you feel you got shocked and it is still with you.

Find some outlet and be aware of dispelling as many of your fearful and appalled thoughts, make up a dance, throw old plates into a dumpster and smash 'em, play tennis- find something. You can feel better, and then we take action for positive change.

This message came from a Sufi teacher the day after the election.
"The vast bulk,  if you will,  of whatever freedom that we have comes from -within-.  It comes from our inner sense of sovereignty and personal integrity/wholeness. 

If we react to this election as though the SWAT team is already at the door,  then we are already in prison.

This situation is surreal, to be sure,  and it may become truly bizzare and even tragic,  but we dare not let it propel us into decorticate panic,  or we have already surrendered our capacity to be truly effective in creating the world we want to live in.   Living without fear has to start NOW instead of waiting for life to be peaceful."