Here are some tips to soothe and protect your airways and eyes from the forest fire smoke. The smoke is an irritant and contains particulates that irritate the mucous membranes. In response mucous is formed to expel the particulates but also to protect the smooth tissues of the nose, throat and bronchials. Don't confuse mucous with that of an infection, although if you feel sinus pressure or bad sore throat and are coughing up green or yellow mucous, that is a sign of infection. 

For the throat a simple herbal tea will be helpful. An easy solution is to use "Throat Coat Tea" made by Traditional Medicinals tea company and available at most health food stores or the health section of the grocery store. Throat lozenges are also helpful for more constant use if you are outside.

Bronchials/lungs: If you are making your own tea think of mucilaginous herbs such as marshmallow root. Add mullein leaf, plantain, and elecampane.  Add a little honey and have a couple cups a day. Mother Nature provides us with plenty of mullein and plantain!

Eyes: Homeopathic eye drops, such as Similasan or other brands will keep the eyes moist and reduce irritation. 

Nose: If you have a Neti Pot, now is a good time to use it to wash out the particulate and clean the nasal passages. You can rub a little sesame oil below the nostrils to keep the nose moist.

General supplements are highly recommended during this smoke exposures. Use the anti-oxidant vitamins; A, C, E, selenium and zinc. You can get an anti-oxidant formula with everything in it plus it might contain milk thistle, CoQ10 or other nutrients, which is good. My favorite for antioxidant protection of the lungs is beta carotene which I prescribe at 100,000 i.u's a day or twice a day (short term use), take with other foods, it is a fat soluble precursor to vitamin A, not toxic at high doses. Remember to buy the natural form of Vitamin E, A and beta carotene so buy quality- not the cheapest available.

I dispense a product made by Heel homeopathic company that is very helpful for all of the symptoms due to smoke inhalation. These symptoms can include nausea, fatigue and of course it is depressing to the spirit. The tablets called "Body Pure" help the body process out the pollution. I don't know if the stores carry this product, but the internet seems to make everything available.

Since it looks like we will have an annual smoke season, it would be a good investment to purchase an air filter. A good resource is The Allergy Store: Call them and talk to a representative, they are knowledgeable and helpful. You will pick a filter that clears the smoke and clears the square footage you desire. They are a big help for your home sanctuary.

Dance, and pray for rain. Eastern Washington, Idaho, California, Montana,all fires, may you be doused in abundant rain. Lastly, drink plenty of water, being thankful that we have drinking water.