I have been reflecting on the medical system for some time now, or rather the medical approach deemed normal in the world.


A change is coming, and I encourage you to hop on board. It’s a dismal state of affairs currently, disease, medical treatment, stress, and frustration.  Of course in my practice I see people who are seeking something different, following their inner knowing that there has to be a different answer rather than medications.


I’ll skip my rant and just say that disease is curable in many many cases.  The viewpoint in the modern medical world is that diagnosing the disease is half the victory and the other half is prescribing the miracle medication that will keep your symptoms modified because THERE IS NO CURE FOR THIS, YOU WILL JUST HAVE TO LIVE WITH IT.


As a doctor trained naturopathically, I seek to normalize the system that is ill.  Our tools are medicines and treatments that relieve the body burden, stimulate normal organ function, and restore vitality.


If you look at your health on a timeline, picturing yourself as a newborn baby all pure and healthy (in an ideal world, not so true anymore sadly) and then picture the health events that start. Starting at birth several immunizations are jabbed into the system, maybe pretty soon antibiotics are given for an earache, sugar –coated cereals and loads of milk. Later sodas are allowed and more immunizations are required.  More antibiotics are needed for a sinus infection or bronchitis.


Each step alters the gut immunity, the entire immunity, and your system is using its resources to keep you going.  Oops there’s an appendicitis take it out, it’s not needed. Then the gall bladder might as well come out because of that abdominal pain.


Also on the health continuum add in stress, or sleeplessness or jobs with toxic exposures. Like a hairdresser, working in a closed room day after day with hair and nail chemicals, or a car mechanic, dipping carburators in solvents or even the school bus drivers with intense diesel fumes. These are chemical compounds that challenge normal cellular function. Challenging normal cellular function means dysfunction of an organ or a level of inflammation, which means you will get diagnosed with a disease.


Cancer is also a result of the many challenges to the human system. Science has spent 40 years chasing a cure. How long would you pursue a project without an answer before you decided that your approach was incorrect?  You can change your cancer situation as well. There are whispers in the medical literature even of cancer being curable in the future, we are experiencing it as a chronic disease more in the last ten years. 

The collective consciousness believes that cancer is the scariest disease that could happen and cancer =death. Put cancer on the timeline of health events, along with cardiac disease, autoimmune diseases, chronic viral illnesses and you will understand that we can make changes to the immune system that will moderate cancer. 


The goal becomes bigger than curing a disease, it becomes the necessity to not allow billions of tons of chemicals to be used on the planet, to find again the reasonable farming techniques that did not require herbicide and pesticide, to ban GMO’s, and to help each other live a life that is not praised by how much you do in a day, but by how we help each other live more relaxed, socially fulfilling lives.


That will help heal disease. Healthy food, healthy lifestyles, social support, and as Nancy Reagan said “Just say no to drugs” :J (Medications)