Closing My Practice

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I will stop practicing medicine on December 4th 2015, and close my practice.  After 27 years of practicing naturopathic medicine, which truly is a practical and effective approach to health, I need to do something different now.


I can’t help but look back on this journey and make some observations on the medical landscape as it changed during these last three decades I was involved in it.  I have seen naturopathic medicine get diluted and incorporated into mainstream medicine, which is unfortunate as it is difficult for many to see the potency of our medicine and even some of the naturopathic modalities and “old time” formulas disappear. 

The fact that medicine is now a commodity in the USA and a business,  overshadows what should be available to all humans in this modern, developed country. However getting quality medical care is not available to many.  Vitamins, nutrition and diet themes have exploded in sales and increase the confusion for many, me included, it is too much information. “TMI”. Our nervous systems are being taxed once again by the pressures of knowing what is right, what to do.

Being the technological age, there is an overwhelming amount of information available on the internet, which of course has an upside and a downside. People can get educated but how do you know which source to trust?


However the most important change I saw occur as a physician was the increase in chronic illness that got more difficult to cure and effected people at a much younger age.  Luckily with a foundation of naturopathic medicine that views illness as an imbalance of the whole system, we were able to navigate these health changes. It is not a success, it is a sad situation that we humans and the western medical system itself is increasing the declining health in the US. 


Medicine needs to adapt to the changing times. The changing times in human health is the overload of toxins (foreign compounds, mercury, arsenic, lead, PCBs, POPs, ), electronic pollution (EMF’s etc), pesticide containing foods, (GMO’s) and synthetic “food” compounds such as high fructose corn syrup, major foods with antibiotics (dairy) plus social craziness to work more and sleep less, causes deep imbalances and frank disease.


Thus, the success in treatment of disease, in the big picture, must include reducing the production of chemicals and decreasing their use, cleaning up the environment: our air, water and earth, supporting one another to live a balanced, rewarding lifestyle.


Technology can produce great diagnostic results but does NOTHING for curing disease. The good news is there are more naturopathic colleges in the US now, producing more naturopaths, and more importantly a shift by the public knowing that drug medications are not the answer to health problems and they seek “an alternative”.  The good news is, more and more MDs are eschewing the medication answer and learning functional medicine. It’s a slow change frought with ego, money and power challenges but just as the public is rising up to say NO to GMO’s and NO to Monsanto, the answer becomes apparent, get back to nature. Grow your own food, minimize stress, encourage, support and partake in cleaning up the environment by not using chemicals.


I know healing is possible for everyone. I encourage everybody to think outside of the current oh so powerful medical paradigm which threatens you with fear and believes disease is something you might just have to live with (if it doesn’t kill you first). NO. There is plenty you can do.  I think of cancer in particular, but that is way to long a subject to address now. 


There is a difference between healing and techno-medicine by which I mean using meds or even supplements and herbs.  I prefer working in the healing realm which needs the patient to participate, to want to change that which propelled them into dis-ease. Again, here there are lovely ways to effect the system I call the human body, mind, spirit- sound, light, intention, (prayer), connecting with your spirit or spiritual path will all remind and return you to your whole. Homeopathic medicine is one of the most effective and phenomenal medicines we have for all healing.  Too bad the FDA is trying to now decrease its availability in the US but hey, get healthy and defeat the FDA/big Pharma/insurance/AMA complex and health treatments could unfold in the way it really works, getting us better!


It has been a joy and an honor to work with so many people in this Missoula and St. Ignatius community.  I thank you if you are reading this, for your seeking natural medicine! Smart you and I wish everyone the best in health and the best in life. Never give up.


On a more personal note, as I see this as a chapter closing, the end of a big cycle, there will be a next chapter and everyone asks “What will you do?”  ……….lots to do yet, write that book, heal the earth, and maybe there will be a healing practice in the future. First of all I will just be.


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