Dental Origins of Systemic Disease

Exploring the connection between root canal bacteria, osteomyelitis of the jaw and dental materials such as amalgams as the cause of disease elsewhere in the body seems surprising.


When I first started hearing about the mercury of amalgam fillings being the cause of cancer and other diseases, I was resistant to this information. I had been in practice already fifteen years so this was about ten years ago.  I was told by some holisitic practitioner that my thyroid problem was due to the amalgams and if I didn’t get the amalgams out I would get cancer.


I didn’t like that threat and of course it seemed like a fearful prediction on his part. The mercury issue kept coming forward from different sources. I heard a lecture by Dr. Dietrich Klinghart many years ago and he brings information from Germany. In Germany they have advanced medicine to include what we call alternative medicine.  In brief, I trust their medical approaches and they bring cutting edge information to the fore.


Fast forward to 2011, I put together a dental conference here in Missoula, for professionals with one night for the public. We had the famous Dr. Hal Huggins who lost his dental license in 1996 because he spoke out saying mercury was causing illnesses.  Dr. Huggins took the arrows for being in the first advance to speak the truth in America. Twenty years later mercury amalgams are still placed but they are banned in many European countries.


Mercury is toxic that is fact. This toxin in the human body will effect mitochondrial function (energy for the cell), cause free-radical damage and add to the overall burden of other foreign and toxic compounds, viruses, bacteria in the body. It can be one toxic metal that changes the health of a human, or it can be the straw that broke the camels back. We all live now with absorbed chemicals- the list is endless.  For example in Seattle there is a Green Project Building. The entire building is run on solar and is designed to have a low carbon footprint. In the lobby of this demonstration project is a wall with a list of chemicals commonly found in our materials of daily usage. This list is three stories high and six columns wide. 


I address the dental issue with my patients. I ask how many amalgams, root canals and tooth extractions one has, and check the general health of the mouth, gums, tongue and throat. I know that many cannot take in the information that their mouth full of amalgams is a health problem. Certainly many will live a long life with fillings intact.  Remember everyone has a different ability to detox (can be genetic or dietary reasons, we can improve detox ability).


However there are times when it is a necessity. Breast cancer has been associated, MS, auto-immune thyroid, and other cancers. It is not that mercury causes cancer it is the challenge to the immune system in addition to the energy meridian interference of specific teeth with amalgams or other metals.


There are hundreds of stories of proof, but they are not in mainstream news. Soon it will be, it takes time. The American Dental Association still notices no problem.


I am glad that Dr. Mercola is so outspoken. Here is a link to his news today:


Know that not everyone will certainly get a disease from the amalgams. Yes, they add a challenge. Yes, something can be done. Naturopathic medicine has the way to rebalance your body’s organs and let them do their daily job as they should. Some people need to detox, and I don’t mean liver cleanse or colon cleanse that you buy at the store. There is a need to be safe and guided using specific medicines.


In the meantime eat well and have good humor. (hahahaha not Good Humor ice cream)