Why Are Americans So Sick?


March 2019.  Every day I hear or read something that I want to respond to along the lines of healthcare. Whether it’s a friend or a stranger, I am irked that their operating information is limited.

The answer in a nutshell:

  1. Improper diagnosis and work-up.

  2.  Overload of toxic chemicals, heavy metals, viruses and bacteria. Drug medications.

  3. Dietary contributions: GMO, additives, hormones, poor quality food, sugar, lack of nutrition.

  4. Emotional imbalance -stress, pain, unresolved conflicts, trauma, lack of a sane society.

As I see it, the medical education, treatment and medical diagnoses need a major overhaul. This is not news to so many of you. The reason is not only the usual  which is drug medication simply addresses a symptom and that Big Pharma dictates health care. 


In my work, I take a global perspective of your health situation, what is going on currently, what has been tested for, what treatments have skewed your immune system, and what is your health, dental, emotional history.


Today humans are burdened, absolutely challenged by the prevalence of multiple chemicals, absorption of chemicals whether from house, yard applications, hobbies (cars for eg) job, or an upwind factory, there are pesticides and hormones in our food, air and water. A frightening thought to me is the waste, the metabolites of millions of drugs, chemo, opioids, anti-depressants, you name it, in our water.


There is testing for toxic chemicals, no MD unless trained in Integrative Medicine will likely test. There are tests for viral load, often forgotten, rarely thought of unless acute. The unknown frontier of dental foci- or an asymptomatic bone or tooth root infection is also something I will screen for in assessing total body burden.  There are tests also to show heavy metal load. I once tested a patient who was very ill and her mercury levels were sky high- from eating Lake Kookanooska fish for decades!


I encourage you to keep looking and to listen to your intuition if you have an ailment that is not improving.  Medications are occasionally helpful but generally not as we (naturopathic physicians) have effective medicines and techniques that enhance your immune system.  It is my assessment also that often maybe always, there is an emotional component at the start or still enduring. It is surprising how quickly we can clear those impacts with a homeopathic remedy or getting someone to an effective therapist. Mental illness is way overdiagnosed and supremely overmedicated but that is a whole new blog.


Never Give Up.


TO: THE FOOD GUYS                                                            July 24, 2017


FROM: Dr. Sarah Lane, ND



In Response to your broadcast yesterday July 23, 2017 on Gluten-Free diets.


Good morning.  I caught your show yesterday and thought I better add some information to the huge issue you brought up on your cooking show.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you have been asked to do some gluten-free recipes for those who don’t eat gluten but would love to indulge in your crepes, pies, cobblers and other recipes requiring flour.


You brought in two very good references but you are trying to lasso a topic that cannot be brought down to a black and white diagnoses. The western medical system is excellent at diagnosing, so you have celiac’s or you don’t, but it is a gray area in which food sensitivities abide and gray does not mean vague.

In that gray area are the many factors that effect human physiology, human health.  The testing for gluten-sensitivity is avoidance and observation of symptoms improving.  Why this irks so many people in the western medical world is that they then think it is all ‘in your mind”. 

I can tell for example that you two are not bothered by gluten, and therefore cannot understand the people who go to great lengths to avoid gluten, and might even think it is a fad, like “candida” was in the 80’s (it wasn’t a fad).


Consider these other factors. You gentlemen, are in your 70’s I think, pardon me if you are younger. In the intermittent years since your birth the changes in : childbirth, medications, vaccinations, stress, chemical agriculture- hybridizing, mono-culture, herbicides; dietary changes- high fructose, high sugar, high carbs; have all effected the human physiology, human health – for the worse.


Childbirth is now often more stressful but more importantly the mother has usually by then had doses of antibiotics changing her gut flora available for her infant, she might even get antibiotics at the delivery, babies are given a couple dozen vaccinations forever altering their immunity, food introductions to infants are likely to be done too early and contain sugar, wheat, dairy at a time when their immune system has been triggered by vaccinations and before their gut G.I. is matured.


Hybridized wheat has changed the size of the gluten molecule. Cooks noticed the change in flour in the 60’s, This is theorized to be the culprit but I think it is multi-factorial. In addition now we have round-up ready crops introducing the carcinogenic round-up into our gastrointestinal system, altering the gut environment. In addition we are exposed to innumerable other chemicals in our lives, tons more than fifty years ago- when Rachel Carson noted the changes!

Mulitiple rounds of anti-biotics throughout the lives of the mothers, of children, alters the gut environment, making the immune system more reactive.

At that point, the carbohydrate compounds can effect the brain, the gut. Arthritis and many other autoimmune processes can be triggered.


In a nutshell: the changes in our environment, food, and bodies have changed over the last several decades. Western medicine does not follow and address these changes as they were never trained in a holistic paradigm and a drug will not fix what needs fixin’.

In my twenty-eight years of naturopathic medicine, most of it here in Montana, I see the changes in health as our environment changes. Yes, without a doubt, it is important that many people remove wheat, rye, barley and kamut from their diets while rehabilitating the gut. The return to small local farming and the seed keepers will help restore food in its natural state. Meanwhile, people are really sick and they don’t know why.


You have brought into your show a medical issue. It is real and even more involved than what I wrote about above. Bottom line, never fool with mother nature.




Repealing "Obamacare"? Change the structure first.

The Republicans want to rescind Obamacare now that they have a majority in Congress. The cost of health care is due in large part to the cost of medications. Medications that with a real approach to health, would not be needed. 


I don’t know why they call it Obamacare, that’s a misnomer.  It’s TRIADCARE. I can barely write the word “care”.  The so-called insurance reform that passed under Obama’s administration was more of the same, make no mistake, the Health Insurance companies, the Pharmaceutical companies and the AMA dictated, lobbied, and controlled ANY changes that were made.


Indeed, the promises for reduced insurance costs were a fallacy, prices to the subscriber are going up. Medicare is in jeopardy again and health “Care” has not improved one iota.


Like our two party political system under the influence of millions of dollars of lobbying money and donations, the medical system has created its own empire, each entity relying on the other. The doctors are needed to sell the drugs, the pharmaceutical companies need the insurance company to pay the astronomical drug prices, and now there is a law forcing Americans to carry health insurance or be fined by the IRS.


That’s the structure. Inside this goliath there are shiny new diagnostic machines and efficient doctor specialists and the newest best “medicine”.  This is not health care. This is production and maintenance.  Costs are out of hand and no reform in policies, shifting papers from one desk to another, renaming or reviewing health care costs are going to make a change.

Like our current society, the changes came along insidiously, the acceptance of so much that is wrong: Pharmaceutical companies running drug commercials with a long list of horrible side-effects and yet they ask you to ask your doctor for this medicine; guns- death of thousands of children, mothers, fathers in America, in schools, on the streets- when and how did this become ok? Obesity – a disease? Depression and wow there must be zillion Prozac prescriptions going out now after the election, EUREKA. How can we not have a bad or sad mood given the many sad happenings in the world? Is medication the answer?


To change the costs of health care a reasonable society or government would look at a cap on pharmaceutical costs. That leads to the necessity of stopping all lobbying involving money. Perhaps a review of leading officers in the FDA, EPA, etc should be cleared of former corporate CEOs or other investors.  Back to medicine, the tiny trend in functional medicine needs to become mainstream medicine.  Doctors who address the underlying cause of disease, and use and give information to help heal and restore normal function of the body, will actually result in healing rather than a new prescription.

  Naturopathic doctors have been doing “functional medicine” and more for decades. Functional medicine is an acceptable term and many MD’s are now studying and changing their approach. The medical structure needs to change to allow more time during an office visit. 


It’s a huge change that needs to take place in medical school, hospital, policy of insurance coverage. But if not now, while the government is apparently fissured and cracking, put a foot in the door and demand real health care, not more of the same.  Start with yourself, your health is in your hands, not the doctors.



Days of Shock and Fear -Post Election Remedials

I have talked to many people who are having such strong physical reactions to the election results. Still, one week later. So, now is an important time to learn how to move the stuck energies out of your body/mind. Intention along with movement will help. It might be a great time to look for a teacher or guide, someone who holds the higher energy. It could be yoga or exercise coupled with inspirational readings. In order to create the change we want, we need to be healthy and able to hold inner peace or at least love. There is plenty to be angry about and I am all for interfering with ANY hatred and corporate greed, and medical madness.

Some remedies you might consider on a daily basis right now are of course the Bach Flower Remedy "Rescue Remedy" . Put drops in your bottle of water. Look into the other Flower Remedies for specific flowers for a more specific thought pattern or physical symptom. Consider a dose of Aconite 30c (homeopathic remedy) if you feel you got shocked and it is still with you.

Find some outlet and be aware of dispelling as many of your fearful and appalled thoughts, make up a dance, throw old plates into a dumpster and smash 'em, play tennis- find something. You can feel better, and then we take action for positive change.

This message came from a Sufi teacher the day after the election.
"The vast bulk,  if you will,  of whatever freedom that we have comes from -within-.  It comes from our inner sense of sovereignty and personal integrity/wholeness. 

If we react to this election as though the SWAT team is already at the door,  then we are already in prison.

This situation is surreal, to be sure,  and it may become truly bizzare and even tragic,  but we dare not let it propel us into decorticate panic,  or we have already surrendered our capacity to be truly effective in creating the world we want to live in.   Living without fear has to start NOW instead of waiting for life to be peaceful."

Forget Your Training, Remember the Goodness Within

During yoga this morning I had a realization of the depth of an ingrained message that is typical in our world. The message comes from many different people and establishments. I realized how pervasive the tone of it is and how really it should be foreign to us humans. Life would be a lot more harmonious and beautiful were it the case.

The message is "we are bad" or "not good enough". A quick reference to the major league player setting the tone in the western world via the Puritans who settled America: "We are sinners". This message is in us whether or not we went to church or believe in god. I am not out to discuss religion in depth nor have an intellectual discussion about the bible interpretations although it would be interesting, just look at the size and power of the Catholic/Christian churches whose leaders (mostly, not all, and things are changing) reminded us of being not worthy.

Teachers and parents can unknowingly be acting upon this belief as they scold, punish, negate, ignore, or in an outright manner insult a child, the message is "you are bad". Then kids do it because they learned and carry this deep wound, then the media comes in to make us feel better by saying if we just consume ( have a coke, buy Calvin Klein blue jeans, eat, watch senseless entertainment) we will feel better and we deserve that, it's the American way afterall. But those are temporary relief and the real itch is not scratched.

From a health perspective, my interest as a naturopathic doctor has always been to heal the inner wounds because ultimately illnesses do occur with a psychic wound, a wound energetically that we carry, and can't quite face at times.  Again, there are arguable points to this, when is a flu just a flu for example. Poison ivy is pretty much not a psychic disease......I don't think, who knows?!

Healing requires our body/mind/spirit to be the pure energetic system that it is. Once upon a time we were born clean of toxins, once upon a time, life and the world and the parents that created and raised you were not stressed and out of balance. You need to keep the idea of facing your wounds and dispelling them, along with your physical medicine. Wounding is not something you want to identify with and carry with you but more, name it, eradicate it, replace with your essential aspects of who you truly are. Creative, happy, loving, receptive, healthy!

Lifting out the "we are not good enough" and "we are bad people" will do a great deal to help the situation on the planet. The players on the stage right now who act our hate and establish an "us and them" mentality, are behaving from their own deep down dislike of themselves. Projecting self-dislike and self-hatred on others has created so much death and violence. Start with ourselves and then help another, and another.
Be with healthy thoughts, feed yourself real food, and thanks to all the loving people who spread love, acceptance, and patience with others.

FORGIVENESS as a way to heal self and others

A few months ago a friend gave me these three forgiveness phrases. Many people with an issue hear the word "forgiveness" and think "yeah, yeah, easy to say but can't go there yet", not on this one.  Forgiveness is not a trite ideal, it is an energy that transforms you and other, setting in motion the healing forces. Try it.

Here is the one prayer or intention: 
I forgive you for not being all I want you to be.

I forgive me for not being all I want me to be.

I forgive me for not being all you want me to be.

Another incredibly powerful tool is the Ho'oponopono from the pacific islands. This has also come back on my radar and I found this story about a doctor who changed the patients in a criminally insane ward by doing the prayer on himself.

It is time, the earth and inhabitants are perpetuating hatred and harm. The collective psyche is feeling it, acting it out. I think of Donald Trump and all the "sane" people who hate Trump, yet hating Trump is the same negative war-like energy that we need to dispel. I think of Serbs, Jews, Palistinians, Muslims, Catholics, Episcopals, Blacks, Whites, all the senseless killing over inherited ideas. STOP. 

Take a look at the Ho'opononon and see what you feel like after you do it. This is the healing force our earth needs. Start with yourself. I am working on a book about a priest who took the disabled into his home. The love he gave by caring day after day transformed these men from discarded, disabled, abandoned souls to high functioning men. The wounded and deformed people we discard as a society are parts of our own psyche we try and not look at. 

It is time for humanity to own up to love. Try the Ho'oponono on a situation you have and see if a change occurs. If you have an illness turn all the forgiveness on your self as well, then any key persons that come to mind. Like a parent, LOL.


Explore other:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_s0jBNeXTA

Remember the song: "Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me". 



Closing My Practice

Hello Website Visitors:


I will stop practicing medicine on December 4th 2015, and close my practice.  After 27 years of practicing naturopathic medicine, which truly is a practical and effective approach to health, I need to do something different now.


I can’t help but look back on this journey and make some observations on the medical landscape as it changed during these last three decades I was involved in it.  I have seen naturopathic medicine get diluted and incorporated into mainstream medicine, which is unfortunate as it is difficult for many to see the potency of our medicine and even some of the naturopathic modalities and “old time” formulas disappear. 

The fact that medicine is now a commodity in the USA and a business,  overshadows what should be available to all humans in this modern, developed country. However getting quality medical care is not available to many.  Vitamins, nutrition and diet themes have exploded in sales and increase the confusion for many, me included, it is too much information. “TMI”. Our nervous systems are being taxed once again by the pressures of knowing what is right, what to do.

Being the technological age, there is an overwhelming amount of information available on the internet, which of course has an upside and a downside. People can get educated but how do you know which source to trust?


However the most important change I saw occur as a physician was the increase in chronic illness that got more difficult to cure and effected people at a much younger age.  Luckily with a foundation of naturopathic medicine that views illness as an imbalance of the whole system, we were able to navigate these health changes. It is not a success, it is a sad situation that we humans and the western medical system itself is increasing the declining health in the US. 


Medicine needs to adapt to the changing times. The changing times in human health is the overload of toxins (foreign compounds, mercury, arsenic, lead, PCBs, POPs, ), electronic pollution (EMF’s etc), pesticide containing foods, (GMO’s) and synthetic “food” compounds such as high fructose corn syrup, major foods with antibiotics (dairy) plus social craziness to work more and sleep less, causes deep imbalances and frank disease.


Thus, the success in treatment of disease, in the big picture, must include reducing the production of chemicals and decreasing their use, cleaning up the environment: our air, water and earth, supporting one another to live a balanced, rewarding lifestyle.


Technology can produce great diagnostic results but does NOTHING for curing disease. The good news is there are more naturopathic colleges in the US now, producing more naturopaths, and more importantly a shift by the public knowing that drug medications are not the answer to health problems and they seek “an alternative”.  The good news is, more and more MDs are eschewing the medication answer and learning functional medicine. It’s a slow change frought with ego, money and power challenges but just as the public is rising up to say NO to GMO’s and NO to Monsanto, the answer becomes apparent, get back to nature. Grow your own food, minimize stress, encourage, support and partake in cleaning up the environment by not using chemicals.


I know healing is possible for everyone. I encourage everybody to think outside of the current oh so powerful medical paradigm which threatens you with fear and believes disease is something you might just have to live with (if it doesn’t kill you first). NO. There is plenty you can do.  I think of cancer in particular, but that is way to long a subject to address now. 


There is a difference between healing and techno-medicine by which I mean using meds or even supplements and herbs.  I prefer working in the healing realm which needs the patient to participate, to want to change that which propelled them into dis-ease. Again, here there are lovely ways to effect the system I call the human body, mind, spirit- sound, light, intention, (prayer), connecting with your spirit or spiritual path will all remind and return you to your whole. Homeopathic medicine is one of the most effective and phenomenal medicines we have for all healing.  Too bad the FDA is trying to now decrease its availability in the US but hey, get healthy and defeat the FDA/big Pharma/insurance/AMA complex and health treatments could unfold in the way it really works, getting us better!


It has been a joy and an honor to work with so many people in this Missoula and St. Ignatius community.  I thank you if you are reading this, for your seeking natural medicine! Smart you and I wish everyone the best in health and the best in life. Never give up.


On a more personal note, as I see this as a chapter closing, the end of a big cycle, there will be a next chapter and everyone asks “What will you do?”  ……….lots to do yet, write that book, heal the earth, and maybe there will be a healing practice in the future. First of all I will just be.


Watch my website for further news and blogs.



Here are some tips to soothe and protect your airways and eyes from the forest fire smoke. The smoke is an irritant and contains particulates that irritate the mucous membranes. In response mucous is formed to expel the particulates but also to protect the smooth tissues of the nose, throat and bronchials. Don't confuse mucous with that of an infection, although if you feel sinus pressure or bad sore throat and are coughing up green or yellow mucous, that is a sign of infection. 

For the throat a simple herbal tea will be helpful. An easy solution is to use "Throat Coat Tea" made by Traditional Medicinals tea company and available at most health food stores or the health section of the grocery store. Throat lozenges are also helpful for more constant use if you are outside.

Bronchials/lungs: If you are making your own tea think of mucilaginous herbs such as marshmallow root. Add mullein leaf, plantain, and elecampane.  Add a little honey and have a couple cups a day. Mother Nature provides us with plenty of mullein and plantain!

Eyes: Homeopathic eye drops, such as Similasan or other brands will keep the eyes moist and reduce irritation. 

Nose: If you have a Neti Pot, now is a good time to use it to wash out the particulate and clean the nasal passages. You can rub a little sesame oil below the nostrils to keep the nose moist.

General supplements are highly recommended during this smoke exposures. Use the anti-oxidant vitamins; A, C, E, selenium and zinc. You can get an anti-oxidant formula with everything in it plus it might contain milk thistle, CoQ10 or other nutrients, which is good. My favorite for antioxidant protection of the lungs is beta carotene which I prescribe at 100,000 i.u's a day or twice a day (short term use), take with other foods, it is a fat soluble precursor to vitamin A, not toxic at high doses. Remember to buy the natural form of Vitamin E, A and beta carotene so buy quality- not the cheapest available.

I dispense a product made by Heel homeopathic company that is very helpful for all of the symptoms due to smoke inhalation. These symptoms can include nausea, fatigue and of course it is depressing to the spirit. The tablets called "Body Pure" help the body process out the pollution. I don't know if the stores carry this product, but the internet seems to make everything available.

Since it looks like we will have an annual smoke season, it would be a good investment to purchase an air filter. A good resource is The Allergy Store: www.allergystore.com/air-cleaners.html. Call them and talk to a representative, they are knowledgeable and helpful. You will pick a filter that clears the smoke and clears the square footage you desire. They are a big help for your home sanctuary.

Dance, and pray for rain. Eastern Washington, Idaho, California, Montana,all fires, may you be doused in abundant rain. Lastly, drink plenty of water, being thankful that we have drinking water.






I have been reflecting on the medical system for some time now, or rather the medical approach deemed normal in the world.


A change is coming, and I encourage you to hop on board. It’s a dismal state of affairs currently, disease, medical treatment, stress, and frustration.  Of course in my practice I see people who are seeking something different, following their inner knowing that there has to be a different answer rather than medications.


I’ll skip my rant and just say that disease is curable in many many cases.  The viewpoint in the modern medical world is that diagnosing the disease is half the victory and the other half is prescribing the miracle medication that will keep your symptoms modified because THERE IS NO CURE FOR THIS, YOU WILL JUST HAVE TO LIVE WITH IT.


As a doctor trained naturopathically, I seek to normalize the system that is ill.  Our tools are medicines and treatments that relieve the body burden, stimulate normal organ function, and restore vitality.


If you look at your health on a timeline, picturing yourself as a newborn baby all pure and healthy (in an ideal world, not so true anymore sadly) and then picture the health events that start. Starting at birth several immunizations are jabbed into the system, maybe pretty soon antibiotics are given for an earache, sugar –coated cereals and loads of milk. Later sodas are allowed and more immunizations are required.  More antibiotics are needed for a sinus infection or bronchitis.


Each step alters the gut immunity, the entire immunity, and your system is using its resources to keep you going.  Oops there’s an appendicitis take it out, it’s not needed. Then the gall bladder might as well come out because of that abdominal pain.


Also on the health continuum add in stress, or sleeplessness or jobs with toxic exposures. Like a hairdresser, working in a closed room day after day with hair and nail chemicals, or a car mechanic, dipping carburators in solvents or even the school bus drivers with intense diesel fumes. These are chemical compounds that challenge normal cellular function. Challenging normal cellular function means dysfunction of an organ or a level of inflammation, which means you will get diagnosed with a disease.


Cancer is also a result of the many challenges to the human system. Science has spent 40 years chasing a cure. How long would you pursue a project without an answer before you decided that your approach was incorrect?  You can change your cancer situation as well. There are whispers in the medical literature even of cancer being curable in the future, we are experiencing it as a chronic disease more in the last ten years. 

The collective consciousness believes that cancer is the scariest disease that could happen and cancer =death. Put cancer on the timeline of health events, along with cardiac disease, autoimmune diseases, chronic viral illnesses and you will understand that we can make changes to the immune system that will moderate cancer. 


The goal becomes bigger than curing a disease, it becomes the necessity to not allow billions of tons of chemicals to be used on the planet, to find again the reasonable farming techniques that did not require herbicide and pesticide, to ban GMO’s, and to help each other live a life that is not praised by how much you do in a day, but by how we help each other live more relaxed, socially fulfilling lives.


That will help heal disease. Healthy food, healthy lifestyles, social support, and as Nancy Reagan said “Just say no to drugs” :J (Medications)



Many patients have had this experience and maybe it sounds re-assuring to have great blood test results but it still does not answer the patient’s question as to why they do not feel well.


First of all, understand which blood tests were run and what they indicate.

Second, understand the limitations of a blood test.

Third, I interpret many blood test parameters “within normal range” as problem indicators.


#1. Which tests were run. Let’s take thyroid testing as an example because it is looked at when people complain of fatigue.  Most often the TSH, “thyroid stimulating hormone” is run as a screening for hypothyroid or hyperthyroid conditions. They are told it is “fine”.

What was not run to complete the picture were individual hormone levels of free T3 , free T4 and a reverse T3 which indicates adrenal fatigue.


#2. The limitations of the TSH test for thyroid health : TSH is a hormone produced in the posterior pituitary gland in the brain, according to adequate circulating levels of thyroid hormone. If thyroid hormone levels are subnormal TSH sends a message to the thyroid gland to produce more thyroid hormone.  See #1 and #3. TSH alone is not enough to reveal thyroid function.



#3. There are differing opinions on what a normal level should be for a TSH, some allow it to be 0 and not call it hyperthyroid. The upper limit was lowered years ago to 2.5 but labs still do not print that as the upper limit leaving many in the hypothyroid category but ignored.


Arguments will persist regarding thyroid testing. Here are some reasons all testing for thyroid is unfortunately not representative of thyroid function. Turn first to the work of Dr. Brody: “Sub-clinical hypothyroidism” wherein he learned that patients had “normal” thyroid blood tests but still had all or some of the symptoms of hypothyroidism: cold, constipated, fatigued, depressed, weight gain or inability to lose weight, hair loss maybe and dry skin. When treated with thyroid hormone the symptoms improved.

He analyzed their thyroid function via the basal body temperature, finding that all of those patients with normal thyroid tests but still with thyroid symptoms had a BBT of less than 98.6 degrees calling less than 97.8 hypothyroid.


The thyroid hormone stimulates each cell. Each cell requires an adequate basal temperature to activate enzymes. Imagine millions of cells not producing your ATP, (energy units), or cells not producing needed other hormones. You feel like you are operating on 3 cylinders, and you are. In addition waste builds up as cells can’t metabolize adequately. Clogged up.


Another phenomenon revealed as we have learned over the last two decades about chemicals and heavy metals in the body, are the molecules of mercury, lead or arsenic, PCBs, perchlorate, fluorine, chlorine and bromine, herbicide chemicals DDT, DDE, -banned in US but still circulates in those who are my age and older, and phthalates will effect thyroid releasing hormone, thyroid stimulating hormone as well as block receptor sites for receiving T3 our active thyroid hormone.
Another phenom of these foreign chemicals is the kicking off of an autoimmune process. As the body realizes the mercury for example does not belong there, it cannot be identified to tag and excrete. The thyroid tissue or hormone that it is attached to can be identified by the body and is tagged- antibodies are then produced to get rid of it. This can happen to the gland’s tissue or the hormones, ultimately creating autoimmune thyroiditis most often “Hashimoto’s Disease”. The cure, is to detoxify (eliminate) the metals and chemicals from the body.

Fluoride used in dentistry for decades as well as in US water systems, blocks thyroid hormone.


Doctor Rau, MD of Switzerland noted that the USA has a phenomenal amount of Hashimoto’s thyroid disease. I see this too. Everyone with sub-normal basal temperatures and or thyroid symptoms could be screened for antibodies to thyroid hormone and gland.


Other limitations of the blood test, can be seen with liver enzymes for a second example. Four enzymes are usually tested, let’s look at AST and ALT, say the range is 15-45 and 15-50 or there about.

First we must understand that this is a test that represents cells that have died in the liver and released their contents or cells being damaged. If you have Hepatitis C, or severe alcoholism, or a cancer in the liver, these numbers go very high. So what does normal mean? Does it mean your liver is in fine health? The answer is no. So much can be a problem in the liver on a physiologic level before you see elevated liver function tests.

There could be a deletion in an enzyme that helps you detoxify chemicals, which causes your body to accumulate them more easily and become tired or develop a cancer. There can be lack of proper nutrition to help the liver to its daily jobs, there can also be stressors to the liver slowing it down but not being in the disease category. Typical stressors : heavy meals, alcohol, excess caffeine, excess eating excess spicy foods, especially excess or non-nutritive fats. Medications are largely metabolized by the liver adding to its natural list of jobs, so the more medications one takes the huger the burden to the liver, some drugs being outright toxic to the liver cells like Methotrexate. etc.


Of course the illogical irony of the statin drugs are that they can damage liver function the very organ that is responsible for metabolizing and packaging up the fatty acids into storage molecules named LDL.



These are just two important functional parts of our body that can be affected but not show up on the blood test, and be a part of your fatigue or feeling lousy.


The Element of Fear

I will write more than one blog on the subject of fear as it is a huge topic.  Although my main interest is how fear affects patients, it is a societal issue as well.  In our approach as naturopathic physicians, we acknowledge your lifestyle and environment in its effects on your health. This includes the society we live in, as I am perpetually saying that we live in a “type A” society here in the USA.

There is a power in words , fear, probably already puts you on alert. Marshmallows or belly laughing might be more relaxing. Fear can be conjured by words or situations in which one person interprets these as fear-inducing but another person may not. A more external example warranting fear would be physical harm, physical pain, war scenes, threat to one’s life.  People have their own list of fears such as fear of failure, fear of losing their spouse, fear of flying, fear of snakes and on and on.  There are individual variations, and no correct or incorrect response.

Fear has a similar response as the physiological stress response. When you interpret something as  stressful you will secrete excitatory neurotransmitters  and the hormone cortisol in response. The muscles will get more blood the digestive system will not. The body/mind is in fight or flight mode. In this day and age we are more often dealing with multiple anxieties with no resolution. This hyperalert state can amp up thoughts, negative thoughts, and out-of-control anxiety. It is not comfortable and there is no possibility of reasoning something out in this state.

Here are some examples based on patients I have seen over the years. I have had a lot of patients with chronic anxiety, insomnia, fatigue and along with that maybe another disease. This is in all ages and all too often teen age and young twenty year-olds. I know that either there was an event or more than one event that started the anxiety response, such as an abuse,  or losing a parent at a young age or growing up in a household where a parent had anxiety or neglect. The lack of safety, calming, nurturing, reassurance and delight on a daily basis for a developing child leaves them in anxiety. Over the years this anxiety response gets triggered by similar situations, and is still there as an adult.

The remedy is to help your nervous system access it’s calming neurotransmitters. Your brain also needs training to stop the worried thoughts and replace with a soothing message. I will always use a homeopathic remedy in these cases to address shock, fear, grief and the characteristic manifestations in each particular person. I also give the nutrients to increase serotonin and GABA, herbal formulas to calm the nervous system, and offer tools for teaching the body new responses.  Simple breathing routines are the easiest and of course, they are free.  A plethora of other helpful tools are available: yoga, tai chi, EMDR, EFT (emotional freedom technique), dancing, singing. EMDR, EFT ,repeating mantras and other similar techniques can help in an acute fear/anxiety. Dancing, singing, racquetball, etc help to channel nervous energy out of your body.  Yoga, tai chi, and really all of the above are co-ordinating the body/mind in a learning experience, making new tracks in the brain and these are the roads away from the old anxiety tracks.

Lastly, don’t watch and listen to the news which loves to hyperfocus on the negative and blow situations out of proportion in order to have people be glued to their TV show. One example in one word: Ebola.

So, since you are not supported by the media that you live in a safe place and that there are some very good options for staying healthy I suggest you take matters into your own hands.  I love this saying: “Worrying is like praying for something you don’t want” !

Advancing Technology for Surgery

Do you remember that old Star Trek movie where the doctor just put a little box on the forehead of the sick person and it recalibrated the body to health? Technological advances are heading that way as this video shows the upcoming abiity to do surgery without cutting into the body.

What a relief! Add to this that our nation as a group, starts to embrace the idea of preventing disease via dietary habits and healthy foods, using medicines that restore health not cause more problems and we will see suffering ease.

Here is the video. http://safeshare.tv/w/DTAINyElxY

Dental Origins of Systemic Disease

Exploring the connection between root canal bacteria, osteomyelitis of the jaw and dental materials such as amalgams as the cause of disease elsewhere in the body seems surprising.


When I first started hearing about the mercury of amalgam fillings being the cause of cancer and other diseases, I was resistant to this information. I had been in practice already fifteen years so this was about ten years ago.  I was told by some holisitic practitioner that my thyroid problem was due to the amalgams and if I didn’t get the amalgams out I would get cancer.


I didn’t like that threat and of course it seemed like a fearful prediction on his part. The mercury issue kept coming forward from different sources. I heard a lecture by Dr. Dietrich Klinghart many years ago and he brings information from Germany. In Germany they have advanced medicine to include what we call alternative medicine.  In brief, I trust their medical approaches and they bring cutting edge information to the fore.


Fast forward to 2011, I put together a dental conference here in Missoula, for professionals with one night for the public. We had the famous Dr. Hal Huggins who lost his dental license in 1996 because he spoke out saying mercury was causing illnesses.  Dr. Huggins took the arrows for being in the first advance to speak the truth in America. Twenty years later mercury amalgams are still placed but they are banned in many European countries.


Mercury is toxic that is fact. This toxin in the human body will effect mitochondrial function (energy for the cell), cause free-radical damage and add to the overall burden of other foreign and toxic compounds, viruses, bacteria in the body. It can be one toxic metal that changes the health of a human, or it can be the straw that broke the camels back. We all live now with absorbed chemicals- the list is endless.  For example in Seattle there is a Green Project Building. The entire building is run on solar and is designed to have a low carbon footprint. In the lobby of this demonstration project is a wall with a list of chemicals commonly found in our materials of daily usage. This list is three stories high and six columns wide. 


I address the dental issue with my patients. I ask how many amalgams, root canals and tooth extractions one has, and check the general health of the mouth, gums, tongue and throat. I know that many cannot take in the information that their mouth full of amalgams is a health problem. Certainly many will live a long life with fillings intact.  Remember everyone has a different ability to detox (can be genetic or dietary reasons, we can improve detox ability).


However there are times when it is a necessity. Breast cancer has been associated, MS, auto-immune thyroid, and other cancers. It is not that mercury causes cancer it is the challenge to the immune system in addition to the energy meridian interference of specific teeth with amalgams or other metals.


There are hundreds of stories of proof, but they are not in mainstream news. Soon it will be, it takes time. The American Dental Association still notices no problem.


I am glad that Dr. Mercola is so outspoken. Here is a link to his news today: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/08/05/dental-amalgam-mercury-poisoning.aspx?e_cid=20140805Z1_DNL_art_1&utm_source=dnl&utm_medium=email&utm_content=art1&utm_campaign=20140805Z1&et_cid=DM54416&et_rid=610683105


Know that not everyone will certainly get a disease from the amalgams. Yes, they add a challenge. Yes, something can be done. Naturopathic medicine has the way to rebalance your body’s organs and let them do their daily job as they should. Some people need to detox, and I don’t mean liver cleanse or colon cleanse that you buy at the store. There is a need to be safe and guided using specific medicines.


In the meantime eat well and have good humor. (hahahaha not Good Humor ice cream)


Even Mild Stress Can Lead to Disability, Study Says

It is a beautiful spring morning in Missoula with the daybreak bringing sunshine. You awaken from a perfect sleep, revitalized and day dreaming about all you want to accomplish this day. This day lays ahead, full of opportunity, and you feel right in tune to accomplishing your goals.

You fix your breakfast, steamed leafy green vegetables in miso soup with chunks of last night’s salmon, side of rice.

Eating calmly, gazing out at the crocuses coming through the winter’s earth, you enjoy this time.

Down the street, your friend wakes reluctantly to the alarm clock, feeling tired still. She has to wake up her children, make breakfasts and get them out the door within thirty minutes. Her husband left for work at five a.m. The hurried rush produces pop tarts slammed down the toaster and eaten on the way out the door. She gets the kids in the car and tries not to speed in the neighborhood as she careens towards the school. Then off to her own job, applying her make-up at the red lights and squeezing the cell phone on one shoulder as she drives and talks.

Welcome to America. The interdependent work machine needs you. Factories, offices, stores and Wall Street need you to work, to buy, or better yet, consume. It is 2011 and we have been loyally enjoying the fruits of modern living for several decades now. Look at the result. Are Americans healthier? The answer is no.

Stress is a subjective feeling. As Hans Selye M.D., the first to explain the physiologic effects of stress in the human, said, “stress is not the situation, it is your response to the situation.”  His work launched better understanding and intervention for stress-induced problems, at least in the holistic medical world.

There are several things to know about the effects of long term stress. First of all most Americans suffer from the effects of long-term stress. Stress on a daily basis for a prolonged period of time. Acute stress reactions, as in your fear of taking an exam, is usually short-lived and physiologic recovery occurs after the exam.

Long term stress effects your hormones. Because cortisol, the stress response hormone, is manufactured in the same cascade as your testosterone, progesterone, and estrogens, you may see a dip in those products as your body makes more cortisol. I like to point out that all of the preceding hormones in addition to DHEA and Pregnenelone, two OTC supplements/hormones, are all produced from the building block of cholesterol. Yes, the maligned cholesterol. Please rethink cholesterol!

Long term stress depletes your feel-good neurotransmitter, serotonin.

Long term stress increases the inflammatory pathway, general inflammation increases, any inflammatory process increases arthritis or Irritable bowel, eczema, heart disease, ulcers etc.

Long term stress will eventually deplete the stress-response hormone itself.

Fatigue will be constant along with your other depressing symptoms!

So logic would provide that the cure, is to remove stress. In some cases that isn’t entirely possible, either though yes it is of our thinking process. It is complex. Once triggered, the stress reaction is firing the familiar pathways. People with PTSD know this all too well. If you are not a Buddha yet, logic would provide that the next best thing you could do would be to mitigate the physiologic damage, and replenish the depleted hormones and neurotransmitters. The environmental stressors have to be acknowledged in this day and age as well. The constant bombardment of invisible chemicals through water, air, food from new carpet off-gassing to Lawn-Be-Green herbicide, we are saturated. It damages normal cell function, leading to fatigue and disease.

This can be done, and is better done, without anti-depressants. Unless you are at the end of your rope, certainly a medication could help. Also, take in the nutrients that are the precursors to your neurotransmitters, take out of your diet that which depletes. You know instinctively what works against healing but I know you want to hear this list again: sugar foods, refined carbohydrates, soda, excess caffeine, alcohol and lack of : Vegetables and whole foods, skipping meals.

As a naturopathic physician, I try and rebuild your depleted system while educating about lifestyle changes. Homeopathic medicine is one of the quickest cures I have seen, but the body will also need sustenance. Food for the adrenal glands, herbal formulas that help soothe the nervous system, nutrients that lower that nighttime excess cortisol which keeps you awake, and sometimes a supplement of cortisol itself is needed to pick some people up off the floor.

The environment is also stressed. We can work together to make it better. We are both interrelated, environment in our body, environment outside of our body. I want people to achieve health so they will have the energy to help our planet.