Naturopathic Medicine


Using natural medicines such as herbal formulas, homeopathic medicines, nutritional supplements prescribed specifically for your health. Individualized health care that prevents disease or treats disease as well as treating acute colds and flus, naturopathic medicine makes sense because it boosts your body's innate healing abilities. Chronic diseases and so much cancer these days are becoming the new normal. You can say no to the new normal by understanding what the challenges are to your health and working with your naturopathic doctor to correct, remove or otherwise strengthen your system to deal with these challenges.

I offer to you to jump out of the current paradigm of medicine that dictates a chronic disease to be yours forever, drug therapy to be the only answer and fear of cancer. Understanding the process of health means understanding what challenges a healthy state. We can list many factors that start plucking away at a normal organ function: neuro-toxins from our environment, hormone mimicking compounds, antibiotics as medicine and in our food supply, vaccinations, pollutants, toxic metals such as amalgams in our mouth, stress, electromagnetic "pollution", viruses, medications that alter normal function such as prilosec, and nutrition or lack thereof.

The roots of naturopathic medicine are built on the philosophy of treating the whole system and using substances and therapies that do no harm but help the system (body). The therapies in the old days might consist of water fasting, rest, fresh air. Something we can't imagine doing or even finding, fresh air that is. Diet very simply could repair a lot of your health problems. However, it is 2018 and the world environment has drastically changed, lifestyles and the presence of electronics and a plethora of artificial foods and drugs have been present for a couple of generations now. We can still use the best of natural medicine to help as the human being itself has not evolved! Actually if anything has permanently changed I'd say the human digestive system has. So many antibiotics in the environment and body that have wiped out natural bacterial populations in the environment and gut. GMO foods are also contributing to this problem. Same organs system, same two legs, just stressed to the max. So, new medicine: detoxing the waste, toxins and organisms; rebooting normal organ and immune system functioning and usually needing to help rebalance overstimulated nervous systems.